PERKINS 1004-4 PHASER NON TURBO ENGINE engine for tractor

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Type engine
Location United Kingdom Southampton
Placed on more than 1 month
Agriline ID LL22465
Condition used
More details
Perkins AA Build pictured. Complete rebuilt engine.
We can remanufacture for the following builds. If you do not see your build number here please enquire.
AA30128, AA30142, AA30150, AA30164, AA30165, AA30500, AA30501, AA30503, AA30504, AA31238, AA35001, AA35010, AA35014, AA35023, AA35060, AA35070, AA35077, AA35079, AA35080, AA37502, AA37513, AA37514, AA37520, AA37530, AA37536, AA37579, AA37580, AA37581, AA37582, AA37583, AA37584, AA37585, AA37586, AA37600, AA37763, AA37876, AA39797PB, AA39798, AA39800PB, AA50241, AA50254, AA50254LX, AA50255, AA50261, AA50263, AA50264, AA50264LX, AA50267, AA50267LX, AA50271, AA50271LX, AA50291, AA50315, AA50324, AA50329, AA50343, AA50377, AA50386, AA50392, AA50393, AA50420, AA50429, AA50430, AA50450, AA50460, AA50462, AA50475, AA50476, AA50490, AA50497, AA50507, AA50508, AA50515, AA50525, AA50527, AA50529, AA50530, AA50536, AA50537, AA50543, AA50550, AA50551, AA50554, AA50560, AA50577, AA50587, AA50588, AA50590, AA50606, AA50608, AA50616, AA50617, AA50623, AA50688, AA50721, AA50763, AA50768, AA50801, AA50842, AA50843, AA50866, AA50867, AA50869, AA50870, AA50871, AA50872, AA50873, AA50874, AA50875, AA50876, AA50877, AA50878, AA50927, AA50928, AA50929, AA50930, AA50931, AA50932, AA50933, AA50934, AA50935, AA50936, AA50937, AA50938, AA50939, AA50940, AA50941, AA50942, AA50943, AA50973, AA50974, AA50991, AA51009, AA51010, AA51011, AA51012, AA51013, AA51014, AA51015, AA51016, AA51017, AA51018, AA51019, AA51020, AA51021, AA51022, AA51023, AA51048, AA51049, AA51097, AA51258, AA60022, AA60046, AA60055, AA60058, AA60072, AA70216, AA70218, AA70218LX, AA70219, AA70240, AA70266, AA70268, AA70272, AA70272LX, AA70274, AA70299, AA70329, AA70336, AA70339, AA70340, AA70343, AA70348, AA70364, AA70370, AA80408, AA80420, AA80427, AA80427LX, AA80435, AA80435LX, AA80446, AA80448, AA80514, AA80516, AA80522, AA80531, AA80536, AA80537, AA80539, AA80545, AA80547, AA80550, AA80555, AA80556, AA80563, AA80565, AA80576, AA80595, AA80597, AA80603, AA80604, AA80614, AA80615, AA80624, AA80627, AA80631, AA80637, AA80638, AA80641, AA80646, AA80647, AA80647LX, AA80648, AA80658, AA80660, AA80671, AA80672, AA80673, AA80674, AA80683, AA80688, AA80693, AA80698, AA80702, AA80712, AA80713, AA80718, AA80721, AA80722, AA80723, AA80725, AA80727, AA80730, AA80732, AA80737, AA80738, AA80759, AA80767, AA80775, AA80781, AA80786, AA80788, AA80794, AA80795, AA80798, AA80799, AA80800, AA80801, AA80808, AA80812, AA80832, AA80867, AA80873, AA80889, AA80894, AA80896, AA80900, AA80901, AA80907, AA80912, AA80941, AA80957, AA80987, AA81044, AA81078, AA81082, AA81094, AA81166, AA81248, AA81260, AA81262, AA81348, AA9A100, AA9A490, AA9A860, AA9B040, AA9B050, AA9B150, AA9B240, AA9B580, AA9B660, AA9B670
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